Conditions of Use

By using this website, you hereby deemed to have accepted that you are more than 18 years old and have the right, authority and legal authority to sign a contract based on the applicable laws and be a party to the fair use of Conditions of Use of website, you have read, understood the Conditions of Use and accepted the conditions arising from the Conditions of Use.

This Conditions of Use weigh rights and liabilities relating to the website on the parties which is subject to this Conditions of Use and when the parties accept these Conditions of Use, they declare that they will carry out these rights and liabilities under the conditions stipulated in these Conditions of Use, fully and rightfully and on time.

1. Liabilities

a. All authority to use and possession of this website belongs to

b. reserves the right to make any change in the website and its extensions including the conditions of the Conditions of Use, without any prior notice about any conditions and information.

c. accepts and promises that the member will benefit from the subject services except for technical failures.

d. User accepts in advance not to carry out reverse engineering or any other operation to find or acquire the source code of them or otherwise, will be responsible for the damages arising for 3rd parties while legal and penal action will be taken against them.

e. User accepts he will not produce or share any content in any par tor communication within his activities in the website which is against moral or good manners, against law, harming rights of 3rd parties, deceitful, offensive, obscene, pornographic, harming personal rights, against authors loyalties, encouraging illegal activities. Otherwise, he shall be liable for the damage which may arise, and in such a case “Website” authorities may suspend, cancel such accounts, reserving the right to initiate a legal action. Therefore, the website reserves the right to share information if legal authorities request

f. The relationship of member of with each other and with third parties are under their own liability.

2.Registration Procedures and Liability of Users

2.1. The data you upload in during registration contains, text, photo, graphic etc. You have full liability for your information, we take part in online distribution of information. If they are deemed to harm or weigh on or other users, may band your user information wholly or partially. The information you upload to our site can be made accessible to other users wholly or partially.

2.2. Conditions of Registration: If you register in, you accept to give right, accurate and up-to-date information about yourself and your company while filling in the registration form. If confirms that your information is missing/wrong, it can cancel your registration. If you become a member on behalf of a company/institution, this text is binding for the company/institution you are representing.

2.3. You hereby accept the principles that your information, product you promote in various places of the website, messages you release, information you keep in your website are not stolen, does not violate the trademark, copyright rights, are not against law (law on protection of consumers or unfair competition etc.) does not contain any virus or any programming which may damage any program as well as pornography and obscenity and does not use it in order to send spams to the website users.

2.4. User must give correct, complete and up-to-date registration information. Otherwise these Conditions of Use shall be deemed to have been violated and the account shall be cancelled without any notice to the user. User is liable for the security of the account and password of the website and other third party websites. Company shall not be liable of the damage to the devices and equipment or security breach and data loss which may arise otherwise.

3.Intellectual Property Rights

3.1. All intellectual property rights, be it registered or unregistered, such as title, company name, brand, patent, logo, design, information and method in belong to the website administrator or owner or to the authorized person of the company and are under protection of national and international law. Visiting this website and benefiting from the services in this website does not give any rights about intellectual property rights.
3.2. Information in the website cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented and/or transferred. A whole or some part of the website cannot be used in another website without permission.

4. Confidential Information

4.1. will not reveal the personal information submitted by users to 3rd parties via website. This personal information contains all kinds of information to define the user such as name-surname of the person, address, phone number, mobile number, and e-mail address, and they shall be referred to as “Confidential Information” in short.
4.2. User accepts and declare that he gives consent to the website owner share communication, portfolio and demographic information belonging to him with the affiliates and affiliate group companies, limited to only use them for publicity, advertising, campaign, promotion and announcement. This personal information can be used to determine client profile within the company, offer promotion and campaigns suitable to client profile, and carry out statistical works.

4.3. Confidential Information shall be revealed to official authorities only when a statement must be given to the official authorities as per provisions of commanding legislation in effect and only if this information is requested in compliance with the procedures by the official authorities.

5. Not Giving Guarantees

This Conditions of Use article shall be applicable to the full extent permitted by applicable law. The services rendered by the company are offered “as is” and “as possible” and it does not give any implicit, legal or any other guarantees regarding the services or application (including all information in there) including all the explicit or implicit guarantees about compliance with the aim or not violating it.

6. Integrity and Applicability of the Conditions of Use

If any of the conditions of these Conditions of Use hereinafter becomes partially or wholly invalid, the rest of the Conditions of Use remain intact.

7. Changes to be Made in the Conditions of Use can chance the services offered in this website and the conditions of these Conditions of Use wholly or partially whenever it wants. Changes shall be valid on the day it is released in the website. Following the changes is under the responsibility of the user. User is deemed to have accepted these changes by continuing benefiting from the offered services.

8. Notification

All notification which will be sent to the parties by this Conditions of Use shall be sent via e-mail address submitted by the user in membership form and known e-mail address of User accepts that the address he stated during registration is the valid registration address, and will notify the other party in 5 days in written in case of any chance and if otherwise, all notification made to this address shall be deemed to have been submitted.

9. Evidential Contract

In any kind of dispute which may arise from the related operations regarding this Conditions of Use, book, records and documents, e-mail, messages in the website, sms and computer records, fax records shall be accepted as a proof in accordance with the Code of Civil Law numbered 6100 and user accepts that he will not reject these records.

10.Settlement of Disputes

İstanbul Court of Justice and Execution Offices shall be authorized in settlement of disputes which may arise from the implementation or interpreation of these Conditions of Use.

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