Trademark Registration

What distinguishes the products and services of a company from products of other companies and businesses, creating a difference is called brand. Logo, letter, number and every symbol can be determined as a brand and can be used in trademark registration. A business owner who makes a trademark registration for one product or service takes that product under protection and achieves to prevent such cases as quotation, stealing and imitation.

Criteria Required for Trademark Registration

In order for a product, service and similar things to apply for trademark registration, that product must be unique. If a product which is different and distinguished from other products is registered by trademark registration, it cannot be imitated, quoted and stoled. Everyone who is settled in Turkey and has any kind of commercial activity can apply to Turkish Patent Institute and try to have their brand registered. However, since the procedures are hard and takes long, most people who want to have trademark registration apply to professional companies which render trademark registration services instead of directly applying themselves. As Timsah Ajans we initiate the trademark registration procedures on behalf of you and complete the procedures in a short period of time.

What Do We Do As Timsah Ajans?

  • We apply to Turkish Patent Institute for trademark registration on behalf of you and complete the application in a short period of time closely following the process.
  • Before applying for trademark registration, we help you prepare the required documents.
  • After trademark registration, we carry our required procedures professionally, shortening the application process.
  • During trademark registration process, we inform you on a daily basis with a report and remove all the question marks on your mind.

Why Should You Pefer Us?

As Timsah Ajans, thanks to experience and knowledge built-up over the years we put great importance to the service we render for you our esteemed clients, pay a great attention to customer satisfaction. During the services we render we report you on a daily basis, informing you about the process to remove any question marks. Thanks to high number of references obtained due to our services in the sector, we gain the trust of our clients and try to remain worthy of this trust. If you want to benefit from our services rendered as Timsah Ajans, you can examine our references, have an idea about our previous services.