Seo Consultancy

SEO Consultancy

With the daily use of internet along with its widespread use worldwide, the competition between websites is reaching to the highest levels. Especially corporate companies aim to bring their  products, services and websites on the forefront in search engines, primarily Google, in an attempt to reach more clients.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abreviation of “Search Engine Optimization” and means taking your website on the forefront for important keywords with an arrangement suitable to algorithms of search engines, primarily Google. Sites on which SEO works have been carried out are positions on the upper lines for important keywords in search engines, leaving their rivals behind and manage to reach more target audience.

Do you need SEO Consultancy?

No website is alone in its sector and every one of them needs to leave their rivals behind to rech more audience and clients. What will enable is SEO consultancy. SEO consultants can make your website suitable to the algorithm of search engines, correcting defected points after analyzing your site’s relationship with the search engines.

What Can We Do As Timsah Ajans?

  • We conduct keyword analysis of your website.
  • We inform you about internal structure of your website with in-site SEO analysis.
  • We reveal backlinks of your website in a report with a backlink analysis.
  • We conduct sector and rival analysis and detect the operations which may move you in front of your rivals.
  • We feed your website with promotional articles suitable to SEO.
  • We introduce your website to a wider audience via social media advertising.
  • We analyse and detect harmful links on your website and help you get rid of them.
  • We present these operations on a daily basis in a report and inform you about them.
  • We do not forget you after SEO works and continue to give you technical support.

We follow up the ranking and inform you about the rise of your website day by day.