Corporate Identity Work

Corporate Identity Work

Corporate identities are identities that show stand and behaviour of an institution, business, product, service and brand. In a way, it is a business or institution’s way of representing itself. Corporate identities are the face of a company seen by clients in their country and abroad. Therefore, it needs to promote and express the company, product or service in the best way possible. A well-designed corporate identity enables companies to have respect from their clients and gain prestige in the eyes of their clients. An effectively created corporate identities remain on the mind of the clients, preventing the company to be forgotten. In short, corporate companies is the identity introducing a company to its clients.

What is the Scope of Corporate Identity Works?

Logo and Motto

Logo and motto are two most important components in promoting a company to its clients. The place of logos and mottos that attracts the clients’ attention the most and enables them to know the company is very important in corporate identity works.

Corporate Identity Book

Corporate identity books are guides with the characteristics of a brochure which promotes your company or product. They have a great importance since they give detailed information to your clients about your company, your operations, and your services.

Business Cards

Business Cards are cards which bear the corporate identity of your company. Businss cards which has short information about your company are very important to introduce your company to your clients.

Colors and Fonts

Colors and fonts act like the shadow of a company. They are everywhere such as logos, business cards, envelops and files of the the brand.

What Do We Do As Timsah Ajans?

  • Thanks to our specialized team, we prepare the best design which will define and express your company to your clients for any corporate identity work of your product or company.
  • After collecting the truest information and data about your company for your corporate identity work, we combine this information to use them in your corporate identity work.
  • While carrying out your corporate identity works, we carry out a meticulous work to prepare a design which will not tire your clients and simple enough not to bore them while extremely vibrant to give enough information to your clients about your brand.

Why Should You Pefer Us?

As Timsah Ajans, we put the interests of our clients before everything else due to our policies giving importance to customer satisfaction. If you need to have a professional corporate identity work, you can choose us with your mind at peace.